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Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Any CBD Provider

Everybody is advertising CBD: from MLMers to gas stations posting signs on the side of the road… people are saying it’s the new gold rush! Every shmuck who has never touched a green smoothie in his life wants a piece, can you blame them? I have been monitoring the test results coming in from CBD […]

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How to Take Down a Bully

[Note: I wrote this in 2013 and just migrated it over from my old blog] I am definitely not sin-free when it comes to my past and hazing others with the boys in attempts to amuse ourselves. Regrettable as these instances were, I learned from them at a young age (because I knew this was […]

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15 Years Working Online

I have been working professionally full-time online since 2001… …believe me when I saw I’ve seen quite a bit of changes! In hindsight the biggest benefit of being plugged into the digital world for so long is my ability to identify change. Because change is exactly what fuels the digital marketing industry! Where I Have […]

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