15 Years Working Online

I have been working professionally full-time online since 2001…

…believe me when I saw I’ve seen quite a bit of changes!

In hindsight the biggest benefit of being plugged into the digital world for so long is my ability to identify change.

Because change is exactly what fuels the digital marketing industry!

Where I Have Landed

Like most I started off working for other people (and quickly found out that I was trading my time and expertise for a stable pay-check and 8 hours a day sitting in a chair).

This was difficult but vital to understanding and developing the skills necessary to slug it out on my own.

I have never had the desire to

Natural Health and Wellness is a Passion for Me

Another break-through moment was understanding that I have a real love for nutrition and being involved with good, ethical products that over deliver in their effectiveness on the human body.

I confess during my more naive days to promoting inferior products developed that