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I Pour Through Old Hymnbooks Looking for Brilliance,

Much of which is Being Lost with Time

The O' Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack had a profound effect on me. Most don't realize the majority of the musical material used in the film were hymns derived from the 1800s. The Coen Bros. correctly depicted the Great Depression had many turning back to the spiritually-centered music of yesteryear for comfort. I particularly loved their homage to the African-American Spirituals. However, navigating that era can be musically challenging — which reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

Question: "How do you get a guitarist to play quietly?"

Answer: "You put music in front of him!"

I have my parents to thank for all the lessons that drilled home the musical theory required to read and arrange music. I was destined to the confines of tablatures and chord charts without them. And I'm grateful to music artists of the 80s (i.e. Danny Elfman, Sting, Mark Mothersbaugh) who taught me how to throw out the rule book and embrace playing unconventionally.

Given my New Wave upbringing, I'm as surprised as anyone to find such solace in researching, arranging, and performing works found in the public domain (pre-1927). I hope you find as much peace in them as I do in playing them; these days can be as trying as when the Soggy Bottom Boys were pickin' and a singing.

And I hope you decide to follow and support my evolving work — (and don't hesitate to make a request).

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Live Showcases

Private Engagements, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, "busking" (playing in a public area), etc. In short, playing to live audiences is my favorite part of being a musician.

Video Production

Video work is challenging. It takes hours of time and juggling all the elements which go into recording a clean live take can be frustrating. But I am proud of the sound I am getting -- it has taken years of tinkering to get right.


I would like to create a live playing atmosphere for virtual audiences worldwide -- places I would NEVER be able to interact with if it wasn't for technology. But getting the sound right with livestreaming is even more difficult than producing a video! A work in progress...

MP3s and Music Podcasts

It is my goal to free up enough time to be able create professional quality MP3s and give them away. I also am planning on doing musical "podcast" segments where I discuss a particular tune and the musical approach before performing it.

Musical Sound Therapy

Intermountain Health and other health organizations are taking this very seriously. I would love to be involved with playing for both children/adults experiencing pain or special needs. I would prefer to donate my time rather than charge a family already burdened with bills.

Reaching Out

Playing for senior homes, addiction treatment houses, hospice, terminally ill, remote churches (who don't see too many musical acts), food banks, homeless shelters, etc. Any place in need of a pick me up but doesn't run off trust funds.

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