Work with Me

I have been involved with entrepreneurial projects my entire life.

My dad drilled it into me as a teenager that it was a better to do a business on my own rather than take a job that would take up my valuable time and pay me jack…

That way I could set the time I worked around my athletic/music schedule and if I worked hard I would earn far more. Also, if I got good at entrepreneurship I could dedicate my time in other areas of my life that I found more fulfilling than just making more money.

And have the ability to give more…

It took awhile for me to realize this was a better option than working at Carl’s Jr. (and their very alluring new policy of free soda refills!)

But I am glad that I had this mindset ingrained in me at a young age and that I did not expose my acne to six-hour shifts cleaning a hot, greasy grill.

What do I bring to the table?

The most powerful part of what I do is my ability to reach international markets.

This has made me the most money.

I love the people that I have been able to meet and work closely with from all over the world. My favorites I have found has been working with the countries on the southern tip of Africa, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Fun people.

I love exploring new ventures and projects… however, I am not a fan of the logistics of getting a product into new regions as well as setting up overseas merchanting accounts.

That’s a headache.

Not my expertise… I’m a marketer and that’s how I like to spend my time. I have also learned instead of marketing everybody else’s products I prefer to own some type of stake in the project that would bring me some residual income.

I also do not like to teach what I do on the internet for money… it’s an ever-moving target and most cannot implement what I have to teach them (if they can, unfortunately, the web quickly changes).

We all have our own unique ability.

What works for me… might not work for you. But we can sure collaborate!!

That’s where the true power is in doing business… relationships with complimenting skill sets.

So if you need an internet marketer with experience in lead generation targeting international markets with a talent for copywriting for health and wellness products… that’s what I do best.

What should you bring to the table?

You have some type of value that you need help getting to the world.

Maybe you have developed something that actually adds to the world, have a plan in place for distributing it, but just lacking the ability to promote it.

Let’s talk.

If you don’t have anything like that going on… but just would like to make some extra money.

Still, let’s talk.

I have my hands in different projects and have found some great money making products that do not require you to develop, warehouse, or ship anything…

Especially if you have language ability or live internationally.

Again, international business is what I do best but I also work domestically.

So please contact me below and let me know if you have a major project in mind, or if you are just interested in supplementing your income.

At least I hope I am able to give you a referral or a push in the right direction: