What Are We Doing to Help Mexico with its Diabetes Epidemic?

Hello, my name is Brandon and over 5 years I have been involved with studying a new category of natural health called "seed nutrition".

I discovered that the dense amount of nutrition in the seed is in such a pure form our bodies can actually absorb it. None of that synthetic, man-formulated junk...

Our team has been bringing nutrition into emerging markets and poorer countries

So in a 2oz. packet our seed formulation is able to pack-in 8-10 servings of vegetables, 8-10 servings of fruits and 3-4 servings of healthy fats (comparable to fish oil).

This is making a phenomenal impact in lives of many of these people that live in areas that struggle to get good quality nutrition.

In the case of Mexico... NPR is reporting that diabetes has become the #1 killer in the nation

Diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico, according to the World Health Organization.

The disease claims nearly 80,000 lives each year, and forecasters say the health problem is expected to get worse in the decades to come.

By contrast, in the U.S. it's the sixth leading cause of death, with heart disease and cancer claiming 10 times more Americans each year than diabetes.

Inflammation is the Root Cause of Diabetes

Not only with Diabetes, but inflammation is the root cause of ALL disease according to extensive scientific studies covered in major publications including Time Magazine:

You might be saying... "I thought insulin resistance caused diabetes???"

You wouldn't be wrong.

However, when you dig a bit deeper, government-funded research reveals that inflammation is the root cause of insulin resistance.

So we battle diabetes at the inflammation level from the genesis of all nutrition...


Does that make sense?

So lowering inflammation is key to reducing the affects of diabetes. (Of course, drinking more water and lowering your intake of deep-fried tamales and tortas will go a long way as well!)

Most natural remedies create their oils or other products from raw materials from the leaf or fruit of the plant.

However, if we go deeper yet again, the seed of the plant is 8-10 times more potently condensed with nutrition than drawing from the leaf or fruit!

The Black Cumin seed is the mother of all seeds and the foundation of our seed formulation. We have proven results from 3rd party clinical studies that shows our product to lower inflammation by 33%...

Naturally with no pharmaceutical side-effects!!!

"Another Quote from Scientifc Journal"

So by going back to powerful, natural nutrition we are helping the Mexican people combat diabetes in (2) major ways:

      1. Naturally reducing the effects of inflammation by 33% as proven in our scientific labs

      2. Give them an opportunity to receive their product for free by telling (2) of their friends!

Again, this is not our first rodeo... We have a proven product and distribution method to help improve the lives of those living in even the most impoverished nations.

Sometimes we forget how good we have it here in the states, but we are not without our own diabetes problems...

...so you would be in a position to help out your friends and family struggling with this disease that is unfortunately growing like wildfire.

People are experiencing life-changing experiences through this product I have been involved with... I look forward to sharing it with you.

God bless!

Your friend,
- Brandon

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