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If you have read my book and purchased it on Amazon.com… you have already supported me. Thank you.

I plan on keeping the price of the book very accessible at $2.99, so I happily accept any tips if my story has benefited you in any way. It did take a bit for me to put together all the pieces. I also appreciate the support as I am steering away from taking clients (because they can be a major pain). I am tired of making other people money.

I am also looking to do the following which I could use your help with:

  • Printing Costs – I would like to make a physical version and this takes a big chunk of change to get a decent price.
  • Marketing Spend – Early feedback has been so varied, it seems that people are resonating with my story… by helping them make sense of their story! I would like to see more of this by promoting my book through my online marketing skills, however, competing for ad space with a $2.99 price point is very difficult to do.
  • Physical Promotion – I plan to coordinate my own book-signing events in conjunction with wherever there is a demand (rich or poor). Travel, of course, gets expensive but I love the person-to-person interaction. In fact, it is vital in life. We are losing a lot of this through our cyber world and I would also love to play music in conjunction with this.
  • Free Up My Time – I love to interact and communicate with those hitting me up on an individual level. I refuse

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