My Worship Music

I’ve done a ton of music in my lifetime.

I will always love playing but over the past several years recording and performing had gotten very dry.

Things have changed…

Audiences, venues, music styles, etc. I sound like an old, bitter guy I suppose; but I’m not the only musician to make these observations and voice similar complaints.

Seems to me today music has just become background to everything else.

People do not buy albums, get together and just chill listening to them: the musicality, the vibe, the overall message, etc.

Today they stream… listen to youtube… and other things in life demand their attention.

I grew up in an era where music meant much more… and I miss that. Because the musical forum is powerful in drawing out emotions and reaching us deep down.

That is why the Lord God loves music… and darker forces as well understand its power.

I find praising the Lord through music incredibly fulfilling and different than anything I’ve ever done before musically.

However, it’s different than being a performer.

It’s an experience… I just get to praise my Lord and I can share this experience with others as they commune with their God.

So I don’t get their adoration when done correctly.

That was new to me… I have always been a performer and love the attention of knocking out a bass solo and all the wide eyes!

Today I could care less.

Just pumps up your pride… why do you think that musicians are such a wreck? Even the ones that don’t make the big time!

Hollywood actors experience the same thing… but getting all of the attention and love for what entertainers do eventually will wear on you.

The more talent you have the worse off you are!

Because eventually, the crowds die down… your craft gets stale… you just get tired.

And all of that attention that fueled your identity, ego, self-worth, bank account, drug habit (which doesn’t have to be narcotics), etc. starts to take a dive and you find yourself scrambling to reinvent yourself to remain on top.

It’s just not worth it.

All glory belongs to God…


So I am in the process of recording new worship songs and have been playing live worship meetings weekly.

If you would like to have me come for a worship service please use the contact form and give me a shout because I have been traveling and having opportunities even several times a week to worship with like-minded believers!

This is my new focus and I couldn’t be happier.