20 Years in Natural Health & Wellness

My first job after graduation was importing raw materials from Japan for an aged garlic extract supplement called Kyolic. You may have heard of them or seen their products.

The year was 1999. Even though the meticulous nature of doing business with the Japanese was taxing for me as a young businessman, I decided I liked the industry. Working for a Japanese company (and two years living there) gave me a great indoctrination into the world of natural health science (Yes, I speak Japanese and it was my major in college). We have been too slow to embrace natural health here in the states, I am glad I was introduced to it as far back as ’93 when I lived there.

Twenty years later, I sell to them.

What are they buying? You guessed it… CBD.

They don’t have the land to grow it and they refuse to purchase it from the Chinese. (60% of ALL CBD comes out of China.) The quality they demand from their suppliers is through the roof:

100% Bioavailability.

(Translation: the CBD and all of its charted benefits actually absorb into the bloodstream. You can test this bioavailability percentage through blood work samples.)

The Chinese manufacturers don’t exactly measure up to their standards. (6-8% is the average absorption of today’s CBD products — most coming from their factories with no FDA regulation.)

I learned early on working with the Japanese that it really is not what we eat, but what we can ABSORB.

Eastern Medicine taught me long ago “gut health” is paramount to good overall health. Most supplements taken today are destroyed in our guts — given this, it is easy to throw natural health and nutrition under the bus:

“I took $50 of Glutathione and it did nothing! Stuff doesn’t work!!”

Western Medicine laughed at me 10-20 years ago. Today, you see commercials for their own line of probiotics (designed to assist in digestive gut health).

By the way, don’t take them… they suck.

Sorry pharma companies, being late to the party will put you behind the curve. Fighting to maintain control by bad-mouthing change has been a constant throughout history from those about to lose power.

So this explosion of CBD has been long coming.

And it was the Western Medical Model’s own making! They set themselves up to have a natural product come in and do what they claimed they were the ONLY ones capable of doing! Anti-inflammatory meds are absolutely toxic for our livers and kidneys. Last I checked… autoimmune issues were increasing, chronic conditions (like diabetes) were through the roof, and overall our health is abysmal! But change is here because we are fed up.

CBD will grow 20 times over in the coming year. Projections put it as a 22 billion dollar industry by ’22.

Currently, the CBD industry just broke the one billion mark more quickly than expected. This fast growth will continue to skyrocket organically through the personal testimonials of people experiencing relief from inflammation and better hormone regulation. People are blown away that something natural could be so impactful — (which is making it easier for me to forgive and forget.)

Today, I respect the Japanese inclination to NEVER settle for anything but the absolute best. They have been in the natural health game along time. In fact, I learned from their example to require that in any manufacturing plant I work with.

Nothing is worse than getting your product refused.

Why Does CBD Work So Dramatically for First Time Users?

That’s easy… our bodies are so broken down.

If you were lost in the desert for days, the first taste of water would be the best you ever experienced. Collectively our bodies are in such bad shape, we are literally dying in the desert.

CBD works in such a unique way… it is like our half-dead hormone production and our endocannabinoid system is having life breathed into it!

Taking CBD (a specific cannabinoid) is similar to having NATURAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY done.

(Remember: hormones are chemicals in the body that tell our cells to do things. An activation switch that all too often gets stuck.)

There are plenty of opioid-based drugs, hormone replacement/bio-identical therapy, low testosterone boosters, etc. providing hormonal support that mask the symptoms of our stressed-out bodies. It works at first.

But the problem is our body recognizes these drugs are synthetic.

This causes confusion in the body, and it shuts down hormone production (since we went and found another source). We are tied to the drug for life. And if we are prescribed too much of something, our body has no understanding on how to purge this from our system.

Result: Toxic Side Effects.

CBD has been proven in labs over the past 10 years to be a non-toxic solution. The cannabinoids it provides are analogous to the cannabinoids found in our body. That’s right! We have cannabinoids in our body! Nature has provided these very hormones to be produced in a plant. A weed no less! The hemp plant is easy to grow (and a cousin to the marijuana plant with no crazy, hippie effects when THC is removed properly.)

And I never believed it when science class taught us we have mass amounts of shared DNA with animals and plant life.

Researchers on CBD over the past 5-10 years have been blown away by this “hormone” discovery. We are getting a fresh dose of hormone production the body is accepting as created in-house! I watched their test results closely these past years but thought there would be no way the drug companies would ever allow it to come to market.

Glad I was wrong and the revolution is on. In a nutshell, this is a major reason what all the buzz is about. And Pharma will be taking a hit.

Many are on the Fence on CBD

Many still equate CBD with drug culture. Unfortunately, the Kardashians are some of its biggest proponents. I wrote an article addressing this. I explore why ESPN.com is reporting that professionals on the PGA Golf Tour have ALL embraced taking CBD… even with stringent drug testing.

CBD does not have psychoactive effects. However, the legal amount of .3% of the THC that causes these effects in marijuana usage many have an issue with.

I can’t say that I blame them.

If there was .3% of a cockroach hidden in my taco — it better be a pretty good taco.

Yet, I love that mass awareness is FINALLY being brought to light that we can treat inflammation (the root of ALL disease) and boost stagnant hormone production through natural methods.

Everything can be traced back to inflammation that becomes chronic. Hormones help us get back on track…

But the results CBD users are seeing in pain reduction, better sleep, improved mental acuity, lowered anxiety, etc. are not new to me…

Is CBD the ONLY Answer?

Not at all.

In fact, it’s NOT even my first choice!

Pound for pound, I have discovered a better value. Yes, there are some unique qualities that you find only with the CBD product, but I have studied with an amazing doctor that has made a life’s work as the premier expert on ‘micronutrition‘.

His micronutrition formula took a lifetime of tedious research and 50 million dollars in lab testing. (Some of it funded by Congress before giving it to U.S. troops experiencing extreme conditions). Supplementing with micronutrition can be done at 1/3 the cost than CBD —  extracting CBD from the hemp plant is costly (but necessary to get all the psychoactive THC removed).

I did an exhaustive interview with him and go into great detail of his break-through here.

His micronutrition formula covers more ground than CBD. He understood very well hormone production was key. It also was designed to function as an anti-inflammatory, a defense against radiation, and as a multi-vitamin. To date, his formula has been awarded (7) U.S. patents based on lab results.

He is also excited about the results he is seeing when you combine his formulation with CBD. Exciting times.

Are You a Care Giver?

If you have an elderly person in your life… supplements designed to reduce inflammation and providing natural hormone regulation (long shut down) may make a profound difference.

The brain especially soaks it in.

CBD ranges from $125-$150. If that price point is not a problem for you, I can refer you to the manufacturing plant that does the best quality in the state for the competitive price of $139 USD (Free shipping stateside). You can request a sample from me here.

If you would like to test my friend’s micronutrient formula…

My 1/2 off coupon code and $25 bucks gets you a 30 day supply.

Give it a month and measure your results. I live on the stuff.

If you are a parent with a special needs child or dealing with ADHD, depression, etc. — CBD has shown in private lab tests to work wonders for anxiety and may help improve mental acuity (although not tested by the FDA). CBD is assisting our pets as well.

Of course, we need to remember to take care of ourselves.

Treat yo’ self.

Airlines always instruct us to first put on our air mask before assisting others. It is imperative to improve our digestion, lower inflammation in our bodies to help decrease the risk of disease*, and other preventative practices so we can actually be able to care for those that are looking to us!

I have made supplements that are proven in labs to reduce inflammation and naturally provide an increase in hormone production my focus over the past six years.

So CBD is not my first rodeo. A lot of people are entering the game making promises their CBD products can’t back up (Again, the industry standard is 6-8% absorption rates). Many times, they do this unknowingly when they go on and on how good it is for you. I was a young professional at one time too, so go easy on them.

In Conclusion

The past five years I have labored to get dense nutrition intended to lower inflammation to impoverished regions within Africa and India. I have been humbled by the results we are seeing. Impoverished regions don’t have the nutrition or medical treatment that is available to us. I am glad to see CBD catching on like wildfire there.

However, if you haven’t started a supplementation program, I hope you are not expecting to find the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients from our diet. That time is long gone —  our soils have long been depleted.

Very important to supplement and do it correctly. I go over in my addressing the micronutrient formula how Harvard did a study of how we are actually getting NOTHING from most formulations!

Yes, in this industry there are charlatans. Snake oil dudes.

But CBD is legit —  the buzz is warranted.

You just have to find the right supplier that refuses to cut corners in order for your body to absorb all that it has to offer. I go over here the 5 Must Ask Questions for ANY CBD Supplier (that 98% will not answer). Again, I am grateful for the growth we are seeing with CBD even if it’s NOT the only supplement that can battle inflammation and other factors coming against us.

If you have any questions at all… please do not hesitate to hit me up.


*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The products described (CBD, micronutrient formula by Dr. Kedar Prasad) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Testimonials found at BrandonDouglas.com and/or from Micro Daily or Engage Global LLC, or located upon fanpages on Facebook.com, are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of the Micro Daily or, MMF (as the product was originally known during military-use and development through Dr. Kedar Prasad PhD). The testimonials given above may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. As always, please consult your doctor or primary physician before taking CBD, micronutrient formula (i.e. Micro Daily) and especially if you are currently on ANY medication that may cause disturbances with your current medication. See medical disclaimer here.