Yes… there is a story behind the logo.

First off, my daughter designed it.

So it’s my version of a proud parent slapping a bumper sticker on their car that reads:

      “My Child Was Student of the Month”
      or “I love my Eagle Scout”
      or even better “My Child Beat Up Your Honor Student”

Poor girl has had to hear a thousand times the story about my buddy “Much” and I going to the music store and shopping for a sound system for our new, upcoming band only to be introduced to two speakers literally our size!

“Allow me to speak to my associate in private”, I told the salesperson.

“Do you see the size of these flippin’ speakers!!????!@#$!@

“I do…” was Much’s wide-eyed response.

“Do you realize these are exactly what we need to bring our music to the next level!!???” (we were thinking Back to the Future decibel levels)

“I think we should get them”.

And it was decided.

They ended up being the biggest pain in the butt… lugging them around everywhere killed our backs and on more than one occasion I had to lift them solo up the stairs to my apartment where my newlywed wife had the hardest time finding a fit for them as “creative” decoration pieces.

Much and I also spent all of our money on the big A amps and didn’t realize they needed a ton of expensive power amp wattage with them in order for them to work properly… so they always sounded terrible and would cut out.

Epic letdown.

[But my wife was thrilled to see them again in my daughter’s logo design!]

So just a bit of history there of my humble beginnings in music…

The surfboard is a classic I used to ride modeled after Robert August’s board from the “Endless Summer”. (There is a cute picture of my daughter Sara helping me wax it when she was little)

I grew up at the beach and if I wasn’t there I was in the pool playing Water Polo… so no that’s not a yellow volleyball.

I go into more detail on my Water Polo career in my About Me section. Pretty formative period of my life.

Anyways, glad you found me and please hit me up with any questions!

– Brandon